GATE Program

The Gifted and Talented Program at N.E.W Academy Canoga Park offers differentiated instruction in the areas of science, math, English Language arts, social science and the arts. The curriculum units are aligned with the state and common core standards and allow for in depth critical thinking and productive questioning. Our class time has the intense focus on developing the four C’s: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking. The group meets once a week after school from 2:50pm – 4:30pm.

In the fall of 2016, the students engaged in a political science unit to correspond with the current elections. They investigated the concerns of the nation and researched former presidents and their policies and effectiveness. They then chose a former president for re-election for the 2017 term. Synthesizing their research, each group produced a advance presentation that highlighted their candidate for this election term. The presenting members fielded questions and expanded upon the knowledge of their classmates. The winner was Abraham Lincoln.

The next unit will focus on innovative inventions and entrepreneurship in the 21st century. The students will investigate problems they see in their community, homes or elsewhere and create a service or product that will answer those issues. They will embark in market research and identify their customer audience for their innovations. They will develop a marketing plan, financial plan, price point and business plan for their invention and/or service. Throughout this unit, students will be collaborating with each other, marketers, entrepreneurs and people in the community for their research and guidance. We are excited to see their creations and watch them be solutionaries!

We will then head into physical science and inquiry study on force, friction, and kinetic & potential energy. Students will create their own theme parks with roller coasters and identify level points of potential and kinetic energy on the roller coaster. They will be able to explain how the starting height affects both of these energies. We will end the year with a biology unit on the systems of the body and students will experience their first dissection. They will create a pamphlet of the various systems to ‘advertise’ the functions of each system to an audience.




GATE students and their science projects.