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Plant Manager
Ramiro Vazquez

Mr. Vazquez has helped maintain a safe, positive learning environment for our students since 2006. Skillful with tools and complicated maintenance, Mr. Vazquez’s commitment to excellence is evident throughout various areas of the campus.

Not only does he assist teachers with their creative ideas, through the preparation of student performances, sound technology, and other areas, but he also makes sure our school stays in compliance with all building codes and permits. Mr. Vazquez keeps NEW Academy running smoothly so our students can receive the best education possible and reach their academic and personal goals.


Techonoly Coordinator
Saqib Bahadar

Saqib was born in Pakistan and moved to the United States at the age 5. He attended a technology-based high school in Sherman Oaks, and since decided to pursue his career in technology as well. Saqib attended Cal State Northridge and completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. Since graduating in 2015, Saqib has joined NEW Academy Canoga Park in January of 2016.

Saqib enjoys going to the gym, eating pizza, and playing basketball. Some of his favorite sports teams include the Lakers, Dodgers, and the new LA Rams. He keeps the teachers and staff technology savvy so they can give their students the best educational experience.


9MichelleLA’s BEST Coordinator
Michele Diggs

Michelle has spent 13 years working in insurance and decided to change careers in order to have more family time. She’s been working with LA’s BEST for 15 years now and has been at NACP for five years. She has led our dance drill teams and sports team to title championships as well as hosts excellent academic events for our students. She continues to be paramount  in our students’ success after the school bell rings.

LA’s BEST Staff

Jasmine Villarreal, Playground Supervisor
Briana Guzman, Program Worker
Viridiana Martinez, Program Worker
Katie Campbell, Program Worker
J’rdin Bethea-Walker, Program Worker
Gonzalo Valdez, Program Worker
Jacqueline Portillo, Program Worker
Delia Odar, Program Worker
Porscha Howard, Program Worker
Victor Sanchez, Program Worker

Kitchen Staff

Maria Dolores Rojas de Perez
Judith Vega

Teaching Assistants & Yard Staff

Teri Olson
Christina Gutiérrez
Cristina Espinoza
Nancy Sander
Juan Garcia
Linda Giacopuzzi
Jacquelyn Guererro
Dagmar Masoumi
Stephanie Orellana
Maria Nunez
Katherine Pun
Colleen Bauder
Jeannine Brumfield
Claudia Gracia
Yoscelin Perez
Gloria Perez de Hernandez
Alexandra Navarro
Johanna Lua
Jovana Smolovic
Candy Escobedo

Custodial Staff

Jose Vazquez
Adriana Burgana
Oscar Morales