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Dress Code Policy

Clothing Color Description
Pants Shorts Khaki / Navy Blue No sagging pants Between 1 inch above and 1 inch below knee Appropriately fitted at the waist and at the leg inseam and/or crotch area may be worn (no sagging).
Skorts, Skirts Khaki / Navy Blue No shorter than one inch above the knee Appropriate undergarments and biker shorts are required
Girl Capris Khaki / Navy Blue
Shirts Baby blue Shirts must be appropriately fitted at the shoulders.
Blouses Baby blue All blouses and shirts should be properly buttoned.
Undergarments Appropriate clean undergarments that provide proper cover shall be worn.
Polo Shirts Baby blue
Shoes Black high tops, vans, black shoes, tennis shoes Footwear must be appropriate for school activities. For example; Physical Education or outdoor play
Leggings White, black, dark blue (solid)
Long sleeve undershirt White or dark blue
Zippered hoodies, Sweaters Dark blue or light blue

Special dress and grooming standards may be required for public performances, even though uniforms are not provided, so long as they are reasonable and appropriate.

School groups will be expected to meet participation requirements of outside organizations when the school participates in such sponsored events.

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