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Student Mental Health

Access Mental Health Services

Throughout the year as N.E.W. Academy Canoga Park continues to make connections with mental health service providers, we will share any contact information here. We recognize that emotional and mental health is as important as the physical health of our students, and we want to help our families gain information and access as desired.

  • Child Care Resource Center (CCRC)
  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health: West Valley Mental Health Center
    • Get help now (800) 854-7771 (open 24/7) or text “LA” to 741741 ○ 20151 Nordhoff, Chatsworth, CA 91311

School Campus Mental Health

School Mental Health professionals support positive student connections with peers, family, school and community to facilitate student development. They also facilitate the ability to successfully deal with problems, crises, or traumatic experiences. Furthermore, School Mental Health professionals foster resiliency - the ability to bounce back from challenges with a stronger sense of self-confidence and coping capacity - by promoting healthy relationships, self-reflection, and problem-solving skills to optimize school success. At NACP, we are fortunate to offer the services of our school psychologist, Erica Sanchez. If you feel your child would benefit from meeting with her during the school week, please sign a counseling form. Forms are available in our school office with the Assistant Principal, Ms. De Revere. You may also request a counseling form through your child’s teacher.