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Parents are encouraged to make regular visits and volunteer. In order to monitor traffic and promote safety at the school, it is necessary that all school visitors, including parents, sign in and wear a visitor’s badge issued by the main office. Visitors under the age of 18 must have an adult with them or must have written documentation to be on school grounds from a parent or site administrator. For information on how to volunteer please refer to the Volunteer Policy.

School Volunteers

We welcome and encourage parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with our students. Volunteers are valuable resource that can be used to enrich the educational program and strengthen our school’s relationship with homes. The presence of volunteers in the classroom and on the school grounds also enhances supervision of students and contributes to school safety.

Volunteers must inform the office and/or teacher at least 3 days in advance if they desire to volunteer at the school so that proper arrangements can be made.

A volunteer for a single event that takes place for the duration of one day only does not need to submit an application but must be checked by a school administrator against the California Megan’s Law online database at
If the parent plans on volunteering for more than 3 consecutive days, parent must fill out an application to apply to become a certified volunteer. The school principal or designee must confirm and verify that the volunteer has met all the requirements, including:

Signed Volunteer Commitment Form
Megan’s Law clearance
Tuberculosis test clearance
Fingerprinting (when applicable)

School volunteers are required to sign in at the school office upon entering the campus and sign out when they exit the campus. Schools must require volunteers to leave their volunteer badges at school.

No person may provide volunteer service until all necessary clearances are verified by the school principal or designee, the volunteer has signed an application, Volunteer Commitment Form, and a volunteer badge is issued by the front office.

This year the school will be offering many volunteer opportunities for families.

Ways to volunteer:

  • Assist in the Library
  • Assist in the Classrooms
  • Assist with Custodial or Gardening help
  • Assist with Clerical or office help
  • Assist with Valet student service
  • Assist with Supervision before or after school
  • Volunteer during events, field trips, or other functions
  • Assist during school meetings or attend any parent monthly meeting

Volunteers may donate useful items like: