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Dr. Clara Guerrero - Principal

Welcome to NEW Academy’s Canoga Park! My name is Dr. Clara Guerrero and I am the Principal. We have a very unique beginning here at NEW Academy Canoga Park. Our parent founder, New Economics for Women, is a non-profit community development corporation and for more than 25 years, has provided affordable housing, language classes, and financial education to women, especially immigrant women and families. The goal is to provide the American dream to families that would not have had the resources, education, or the means to succeed.

In 2005, NEW Academy Canoga Park Elementary left the realms of vision and finally became a reality. Along with a national award winning planned community and a community center, this integrated educational communal provides our parents with all the resources necessary for success.

With its unique colors and architectural design, our beautiful campus remains as a ‘closed campus’ to increase the safety of our students. The components of our uniquely designed campus include a covered patio area where students enjoy their lunch, a fully furnished teacher’s lounge, an artistically designed library, a state of the art gymnasium, and an enchanting reading garden.

In our multi-media library, students can access current reading materials and have on-line computer access through our Internet safe search engines. We have had many wonderful authors grace us with their presence, like the 2013 Award Newbury Award winner Katherine Applegate, as well as other nationally recognized authors, such as Frans Vischer, Michael Scott, and Ame Dyckman. We are looking forward to welcoming another award winning author, Sharon Draper, author of “Out of My Mind”, to help us strengthen our partnership with the United Cerebral Palsy organization in December 2014.

Our gymnasium is state of the art. It is designed to house and support our Tierra Del Sol residents and student population in case of an emergency but is used for school celebrations, theatre productions and other community events. We have a dedicated music room where all students are given instrumental lessons once a week, as well as learn how music is integrated into other areas of study and multi-culturally throughout the world. In addition, they learn to play the recorders throughout the middle grades and they graduate to band instruments in the 4th grade.

Our progressive computer lab has 30 computers. It is utilized to provide students instruction in Keyboarding without Tears, Words, Excel, Prezi, Powerpoint, and whole class instruction in Common Sense Media curriculum. In addition to our computer lab, all classrooms have 5 computers, iPads, and laptops. We currently are 3 to 1 in our technology and will be increasing our capacity to eventually go 1 to 1, with the lead of an instrumental technology team of innovative educators.

Our teaching staff exhibits the high standards of excellence our school adheres to and are credentialed and highly qualified. Our support staff also meets and exceeds hiring requirements and adds a positive supportive presence to our classrooms. We have BCLAD and CLAD certified clear-credentialed teachers and Instructional Assistants that are all college graduates. Our staff also includes two intervention teachers, a full time librarian, a music and GATE teacher and a RSP teacher. We have a resident Chef that prides himself in preparing all of our meals fresh and from scratch. Our office staff ensures that our school runs with ease and all of our guests and parents feel welcomed and taken care of upon their arrival. In addition to our amazing office staff, we have a Coordinator of Special Education, Director of Operations and Personnel, and a Principal that completes the administration team.

In 2013 we launched our Dual Immersion Language Academy program, which provides our students Spanish language immersion starting in Kindergarten. Our language academy starts with 70% of the instructional program in Spanish and 30% in English. As first graders, the students will receive 60% in Spanish and 40% in English. In second, the percentage of Spanish drops to 50% and English instruction is also 50%. As the Language Academy students move up in the grade levels, so does the percentage of English instruction. In 4th and 5th grade, the students will receive Spanish Literature and vocabulary development as their Spanish percentage. At the end of a Language Academy student’s academic life here at NEW Academy Canoga Park, they will become efficiently bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural.

Our Transitional Kindergarten classroom is where students are welcomed and get equipped before starting their kindergarten year. These students are in a developmentally, enriched, hands-on environment where the focus is on working collaboratively and cooperatively with their peers. Our classroom is infused with rich academic language and vocabulary development as well as critical thinking activities that expand their scope of learning and experiences. Students are free to explore and make choices that will influence their outcomes. Our transitional kinder students absolutely love coming to school and we enjoy preparing them for an amazing academic journey.

Learning doesn’t end once the bell rings. LA’S BEST, our afterschool program, is multi-funded (with school funds) and employs some of the top performing coaches and directors in the San Fernando Valley. We have approximately 180 students participating in LA’s BEST, which allow students to receive homework assistance, tutoring, critical thinking activities, nutrition, performance arts and sports. Our LA’S BEST students have not only participated in LA’S BEST sporting and dance competitions but have brought back regional championship titles, putting NEW Academy’s LA’S BEST Arts and Sports Program among the top contenders in the greater Los Angeles area.

At NEW Academy Canoga Park, we believe in increasing student awareness and engagement and employ various fieldtrips, activities and family events to enrich their whole school experience. Our yearly events include Book Character Parades, Winter Performances, Theatre Performances, Spring Shows, Talent Shows, Multicultural Day, College and Career Week, Dr. Seuss Week, Family Art Night, ABC Food Train, Kid’s Cooking Contest, Back to School Nights, Open House, Story Book Festivals, College Night, Jazz and Classical Performances, Poetry Slams, Art Shows, Science Fairs, Coffee with the Principal, Monthly Success Celebrations, Kinder Promotion, 5th Grade Promotion, and Parent Support Celebration.

We hope you will come and visit our school and experience our community events and shows. Thank you for visiting and we are honored to be a part of the success of all of our students.

Dr. Clara Guerrero
NEW Academy Canoga Park
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