School Profile & Accreditation

Campus Security
NEW Academy Canoga Park maintains a welcoming, secure environment where every family matters. In the interest of safety, always signin with an office member or with a volunteer and put on a sticker labeled “visitor” to let everyone know you are on campus for school
business. Anyone who is on our campus must be present for school business or they will be asked to leave.

Dress Code Policy
Dress Code: Students may wear black high tops, vans, black shoes, or tennis shoes. Footwear must be appropriate for school activities
(example: Physical Education or outdoor play). To read more about our Dress Code and other NACP School Policy, click below to
download our:

Student Handbook

Employee Handbook

Official School Documents


Other School Policy

● NACP 2021 Expanded Learning and Opportunities Grant Plan
● Title I Involvement Policies
● Health and Wellness Documents
● English Language Master Plans
● Admissions
● Language Academy
● Staff
● Safety and Facilities
● Governance Structure and Financial Management
● State Testing

Contact us for more information: Office Hours: 7:30am – 3:30pm