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Our Story

The mujeres of New Economics for Women (NEW) dreamed of one day opening a school that served the community. NEW has connected women, immigrants, and Communities of Color to their own sense of power for over 30 years. And they understand that economic opportunity starts with a great education. That’s why NEW set out to create community-based schools that focus on children’s academic success and support working families. Our school was born from this dream in 2005.

NEW is the only Latina-led housing developer in Los Angeles creating holistic housing communities. Our school is a part of one of these communities. We were built in conjunction with one of NEW’s beautiful housing developments, Tierra del Sol. This was done to provide the children who live there with easy access to a quality education. Our facility also houses the Dennis P. Zine Community Center and Canoga Park’s Family Source Center. These centers contribute to our community by providing services that focus on creating economic mobility for families.

For more information about our parent organization New Economics for Women (NEW), a nonprofit, visit their Website.