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Dual Language Program

NACP's Fourth Grade Dual Immersion Students showcase their Bilingual Skills

Celebration of Dual Immersion Language Academy

Dual Immersion Language Academy

In 2013 we launched our Dual Immersion Language Academy program, which provides our students Spanish language immersion starting in Kindergarten. Our language academy starts with 70% of the instructional program in Spanish and 30% in English. As first graders, the students will receive 60% in Spanish and 40% in English. In second, the percentage of Spanish drops to 50% and English instruction is also 50%. As the Language Academy students move up in the grade levels, so does the percentage of English instruction. In 4th and 5th grade, the students will receive Spanish Literature and vocabulary development as their Spanish percentage. At the end of a Language Academy student’s academic life here at NEW Academy Canoga Park, they will become efficiently bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural.

Goals of Language Academy

Click here to watch a video about the benefits of a bilingual brain.